The following is the current draft programme for Behavioural Analysis 2023.

Whilst many speakers have confirmed their involvement in principle, as they are only being advised this week (28 November) on which day they are actually being asked to speak, the organisers feel it is only right to withhold their names until they have re-confirmed. This programme will be updated with a more detailed programme by close of business on Monday 5th December.

Previous delegates, and those familiar with the quality of our conferences, may also wish to book their places using the Advanced Booking Rate based on the draft programme.

To view the programmes of our previous conferences – and see the speakers who have addressed them – please click HERE

Day One: 28 March 2023 (0900-1730)

Welcome to Behavioural Analysis 2023

Welcome to Prague Airport

Keynote Address (Speaker Invited)

Adapting Behavioural Analysis Techniques to Different Environments: one size doesn’t fit all

  • In Crowds: at festivals, sports events and in the high street;
  • Locked up with Art: how to deal with visitors and staff during a museum lockdown (Speaker Confirmed, Belgium); and,
  • Using CCTV: in the retail environment and at leisure complexes;

Panel Q&A

Coffee Break

Syndromes, Myths, Distractions and Preconceptions: the Halo Effect, Horns Effect, Othello Error, Spotlight Effect, Duper’s Delight and a smorgasbord of other considerations (Speaker Confirmed, Sweden)

The Neuroscience of Terrorism: understanding terrorist mindset (Speaker Confirmed, Thailand)

Pre-Attack Behaviours of the Suicide Bomber (Speaker Confirmed, Israel)


So you want to perform behaviour detection?: setting the parameters (Speaker Confirmed, UK)

Testing and Auditing: demonstrating to regulators that detection officers can be evaluated

Responding to expressed concerns: effective risk management

Tea Break

More Than Just Figures: using data to identify indicators of cross-border human trafficking and illegal migration (Speaker Invited, UK)

Human Trafficking: airport interdiction (Speaker Confirmed, Canada)

Understanding Human Trafficking: a personal perspective with key takeaways (Speaker Confirmed, USA)

Day Two: 29 March 2023 (0900-1730)

“My Name is Karen” and Stereotyping: appreciating the impact of stigma and unappreciated discrimination (Speaker Sought)

Racial Profiling: is it avoidable and is it even wrong? (Speaker Confirmed, Czech Republic)

Cognitive Bias: inherent in AI solutions? (Speaker Sought)

Coffee Break

Criminal & Extremist Tattoos and Symbols: challenges for security control (Speaker Confirmed, Czech Republic)

Laban Movement Analysis: observation -spot on! (Speaker Confirmed, Australia)

Panel Debate: Human intuition is more likely to identify the next terrorist threat than deployed technologies


Biometric Technology: the future of travel (Speaker Confirmed)

Biometric Technological Clusters (face recognition, DNA recognition, handwriting, gait, speaker, iris, keystrokes, periocular, hand geometry, heart signal, hand vein, eye vein): what about the right to privacy?

Prediction of Violent Behaviour: AI-powered analysis of written communication (Dechefr) (Speaker Invited, Sweden)

Tea Break

Technology Showcase:

  • Gait Analysis
  • Facial Thermography
  • Eye Movement Tracking
  • Behaviour Sequence Analysis
  • Layered Voice Recognition
  • Facial Expression

Day Three: 30 March 2023 (0900-1500 followed by airport tours)

The Relationship Between Nonverbal Mimicry and Cooperation (Speaker Confirmed, UK)

Acts of Omission: deception by avoidance (Speaker Confirmed, The Netherlands)

Investigative Interviewing: in real life (Speaker Sought)

1040-1100 Panel Q&A

Coffee Break

Identifying Insider Threats: in an era of geopolitical turmoil and post-pandemic change (Speaker Confirmed, The Netherlands)

Behavioural Profiling Suicidal and Homicidal Pilots (Speaker Confirmed, Czech Republic)

Online Behavioural Analysis: clues from social media posts (Speaker Sought)


Airport Security & Behaviour Detection: securing terminals and departure halls through staff awareness and dedicated airport security observers (Speaker Confirmed, Czech Republic)

Prague Airport Security Airport Tours