The Behavioural Analysis 2024 programme is currently in development!

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Topics include:

  • Developing customised suspicious signs lists: one size doesn’t fit all
  • Pre-attack behaviours: if an individual is suicidal
  • Artificial intelligence: help or hinderance?
  • Quality questioning and effective interviewing: innovative approaches
  • Racial profiling: is it inevitable …and how can we guard against it?
  • The sympathetic nervous system: latest perspectives on the fight, flight and freeze responses
  • Pinocchio’s nose: are we actually detecting deception or just observing stress?
  • Operational protocols: how to build and deploy an effective behaviour detection team
  • Best practice in security training and auditing: red teaming your operation
  • Ensuring all staff are versed in behaviour detection: it’s not just for security officers
  • See something, say something: global programmes for the general public
  • Phrenology: an historical review of pseudoscience in profiling criminals
  • Sounding the alarm: empowering staff to act unilaterally
  • Proof of the pudding: case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of behavioural analysis