The following is the current draft programme for Behavioural Analysis 2023.

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Day One: Tuesday 28th March

0840-0850 | Welcome to Behavioural Analysis 2023

0900-1040 | Session Title: Embracing Behaviour Detection

Session Moderator:

0900-0930 | Day 1 Keynote:
Reading the Enemy: lessons from the battlefield

0930-1040 | Adapting Behavioural Analysis Techniques to Different Environments: one size doesn’t fit all

  • Behavioural Insights: implementing behavioural science as a tool in the counterterrorist arsenal
  • Threat-Oriented Person Screening Integrated System: one state’s national security perspective

  • Upskilling Security Personnel to Attract and Retain Staff: an airport security perspective

1040-1110 | Coffee Break

1110-1300 | Session Title: Nonverbal Communications

Session Moderator:

1115-1145 | Syndromes, Myths & Distractions: a smorgasbord of reality checks

1145-1215 | Making a Long Story Short: the delicate art and robust science of nonverbal communication

1215-1245 | The Behavioural Profile of the Suicide Bomber: pre-attack analysis from relevant data and CCTV footage

1245-1300 | Panel Q&A

1300-1400 | Lunch

1435-1500 | So you want to perform behaviour detection: setting the parameters

1500-1525 | Ghent Museum of Fine Arts and the Ghent Local Police:
training staff to manage emergency response with the aid of behavioural science…and The Simpsons!

1525-1550 | Tea Break

1620-1650 | Human Trafficking: the RCMP’s role in airport interdiction

1650-1710 | Contextual Safeguarding: making hot spots cold

1710-1720 | Panel Q&A

Day Two: Wednesday 29th March

0900 | Welcome to Day II

0900-1045 | Session Title: Profiling

Session Moderator:

0910-0940 | Criminal & Extremist Tattoos and Symbols: clues to mindset and affiliation

0940-1000 | Racial Profiling: is it avoidable and is it even wrong?

1000-1030 | Tailored Risk Management for Mega-Events:
from the Eurovision Song Contest to the Maccabiah Games and from the Qatar World Cup to Miss Universe

1030-1045 | Panel Q&A

1045-1115 | Coffee Break

1115-1300 | Session Title: Crowd Surveillance & Protecting Public Spaces

Session Moderator:

1120-1145 | Laban Movement Analysis: observation – spot on!

1145-1215 | Sexual Abuse on the Indian Public Transportation System:
defining the suspicious signs to identify likely offenders

1400-1530 | Session Title: Questioning Technology

Session Moderator:

1405-1435 | AI Behavioural Detection Technologies Under the Microscope:
how can they be legal, ethical and trusted to work at the Paris Olympics?

1435-1505 | Emotion and Stress Detection Through Biomedical and Biometrical Signals:
will wearables become modern lie detectors?

1505-1530 | Risk Assessment Using Text Analysis: opportunities and pitfalls

1530-1600 | Tea Break

1650-1730 | Day 2 Keynote:
SCAnR: a six-channel analysis (realtime) system

0940-1010 | Deceptive Strategies and Acts of Omission: recognising their presence in high-stakes negotiations and interrogations

1010-1045 | Investigative Interviewing: real-time verifiability

1045-1100 | Panel Q&A

1100-1130 | Coffee Break

1130-1245 | Session Title: Insider Threat Detection

Session Moderator:

1140-1215 | Identifying Insider Threats: in an era of geopolitical turmoil and post-pandemic change

1215-1245 | Behavioural Profiling: a focus on suicidal and homicidal pilots

1245-1345 | Lunch

1345-1515 | Session Title: Aviation Security

Session Moderator:

1345-1415 | Day 3 Keynote:
Airport Security Behaviour Detection Programmes: the quest for scientific proof of concept and call for future research

1435-1455 | Airport Landside Protection: securing terminals and departure halls by appropriate mix of technology, dedicated security personnel and general staff awareness

1455-1515 | Panel Q&A & Conference Conclusion

Philip Baum, Chair, Behavioural Analysis 2023, UK

1530 | Airport Security Tours