The programme for Behavioural Analysis 2024 is currently under development. Our latest agenda (as of 18 January) is provided below to give you an idea as to the topics being discussed and some of our confirmed speakers. Please note that the programme is subject to change and, even for confirmed presentations, their sequence and the days on which they are currently programmed are subject to change.

To view the programmes of our previous conferences – and see the speakers who have addressed them – please click HERE

Day One: Tuesday 21 May 2024 (0900-1730)

0910-0940    Opening Keynote
Prevent: the first strand of CONTEST

Speaker Invited, UK

Session | Tackling Racial & Religious Concerns

1035-1100    Preventing Racial Profiling: in the aftermath of a lawsuit

1100-1130    Coffee Break

Session | The Benefits of Data

1135-1200    Less is More? More or Less: threat and deception detection with limited information

1200-1225    Profiling Cyber Criminals: the significance of case studies

1225-1250    Before the First Handshake: analysing digital footprints

1250-1300    Panel Q&A

1300-1400     Lunch

Session | The Insider Threat

1430-1455    Psychological Indicators of the Insider Threat: prevention by understanding profiles and contextual triggers

1515-1530    Panel Q&A

1530-1600    Panel Q&A

Session | Behaviour Detection in Different Settings

1605-1630    Identifying Indicators of Radicalisation and Tendencies to Violent Extremism: in the security services and helping professions

1630-1655    A Socio-Cultural Diversity Appreciation of Workplace Violence in Asia and the West: varying early warning indicators and differing intervention strategies

1655-1730    Establishing a BDO System: an operational experience from Budapest International Airport

Dan Werber, Security Consultant, AVSEC&BDO Consultancy, Hungary

1730    Day One: close

Day Two: Wednesday 22 May 2024 (0900-1730)

Session | Border Security

0905-0930    Geopolitical Consequences of Interaction with International Visitors: at the border, in resorts and throughout the travel industry

0955-1020    The Proof of the Pudding: data demonstrating behaviour detection works in practice

1020-1030    Panel Q&A

1030-1100    Coffee Break

Session | Day 2 Keynote & Behaviour Detection Officer Masterclass

1300-1400    Lunch

Session | The Question of Questioning

1410-1435    Linguistic Deception Markers: the lesser travelled road to the truth

1435-1500    How Cool!: developments in suspect interviewing in Iceland

Eiríkur Valberg, Detective Chief Inspector, Reykjavik Metropolitan Police & Lecturer in Criminal Investigation, University of Akureyri, Iceland

1500-1520    Human Intuition and Investigative Interviewing: a West African overview

1520-1540    Panel Q&A

1540-1610     Tea Break

Session | Stalking & Human Trafficking

1615-1640  Developing a Sexual Trafficking Identification Matrix: aiding law enforcement comb adult services websites

1640-1705    The Realities of Stalking: do cinematic and televised productions represent stalking behaviours according to victims’ experiences?

Karen Fullerton-Chalmers and Amanda Morrison, the Centre for Action Against Stalking & University of the West of Scotland, UK

1705-1730    The Threats from Fixated People: an introduction to behavioural threat management

1730    Day Two: close

Day Three: Thursday 23 May 2024 (0900-1730/1800)

Session | AI & Automated Threat Detection   

0910-0940    Detecting Deception and Tell-Tale Indicators: the potential of contactless technology

0940-1005    New Methods, Ancient Systems: detecting malintent through computer vision and AI analysis of human-centric data

1005-1030    Just Because We Could, Doesn’t Mean We Should: an exploration of AI and ethics

1030-1045    Panel Q&A

1045-1115    Coffee Break

Session |Human Resource Management of Behaviour Detection Units

1120-1140   Profiling the Profiler: determining skillsets for effective behaviour detection officers in the counterterrorism space

1140-1200    Stress and Well-being for Behavioural Analysis Practitioners: lessons for law enforcement from the intensive care units of the Helsedirektoratet (Norwegian Directorate of Health)

1200-1220    Red Teaming: a thrilling and immersive exercise

1220-1240  Suicide Prevention on the Rail Networks: demonstrable success

Speaker Invited, UK

1240-1300    Panel Q&A

1300-1400    Lunch

Session | Crowded Places or… Identifying the Needle in the Haystack

1405-1430    Day Three Keynote

Speaker Invited, UK

1430-1455    Detection of Crime Syndicate Behaviours: at retail outlets, transportation hubs, sports stadia and in other public settings

1455-1515    Crowd Area and Behaviour Influence Analysis: a systematic approach for crowd and risk management

1515-1535    Football Stadia: identifying known trouble-makers in the crowd

Speaker Confirming, UK

1545-1600    Coffee Break

1600-1800    Security Tours

More information to follow!