Invitational Videos to Behavioural Analysis 2024 from our Speakers

Watch a short invitational video of our speakers introducing the topic of their presentation at Behavioural Analysis 2024.

Varsha Avadhany,
Founder & CEO, Vibe Consulting, India

Philip Baum,
Chair, Behavioural Analysis 2024 &
Managing Director, Green Light Ltd., UK

Dr. Emma Bradford,
Principal Consultant: Behavioural Sci &
Psych Unit, Frazer-Nash Consultancy, UK

Kim Covent
Advisor, Ghent Local Police Force, Belgium

Dr. Craig Donald,
Director, Leaderware,
South Africa

An Gaiser, Managing Director,
An Gaiser Consultancy BV,
The Netherlands

Alexandra James,
Analysis Output Manager,
Osprey Flight Solutions, UK

Oliver Kastens, Crowd Safety Manager,
KOKO Crowd Management, Germany

Prof. David Keatley,
Murdoch University, Australia

Aaron Le Boutillier,
Regional Vice President (South-East Asia), ASIS International;
and CEO, Le Boutillier Group, Thailand

Abdibasid Ali Mohamed,
Psychotherapist, Norway

Joe Navarro, Nonverbal Communications Expert; Founding Member,
FBI’s National Security Division Behavioural Analysis Program; and, author ‘What Every BODY is Saying’, USA

Diana Nowek, Behavioural Profiler and Forensic Linguist and Director, Institute of Nonverbal Communication, Austria

Nkechi Onyenso,
Managing Director & CEO, Pathfinders International Ltd., Nigeria

Harel Peled,
Operational Psychologist, Israel

Dr. John Rose,
Chief Risk Officer, ALTOUR, &
Lecturer, San Diego State University, USA

Tony Werts,
RMB Psychology, Australia

Dr. Sagit Yehoshua, Criminologist
Reichman University & Herzliya Hebrew
University of Jerusalem, Israel