A 3-day conference presenting examples of operational best practice, alongside the latest academic research, exploring how negative intent and potential security threats can be identified through…

  • behavioural observation;
  • human intuition; and,
  • investigative interviewing.

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Nominate a Hero

As part of the programme of Behavioural Analysis 2024, we wish to include a few real-life stories demonstrating how front-line staff can, and have, identified people who posed a threat to others or, indeed, to themselves.

These will be stand-alone mini presentations to formally recognise the action taken by those who did see something and say something and, in doing so, saved lives.

Should we be spoiled for choice, those we elect to include will be selected by our Advisory Panel based on the way in which their stories blend into the programme as a whole, the range of threats that were identified and the types of industries or environments in which the cause for concern was observed. Obviously, if we can have the hero present to tell their own story, so much the better.

To nominate a member of your staff, a colleague or other worthy individual with whom you are in contact, please

Any organisation/entity nominating a recipient will be sent a 20% discount code that its employees can use should they wish to register for Behavioural Analysis 2024, regardless as to whether the story of the person being nominated is selected for inclusion in the programme. Any person nominated who is selected for inclusion in the Behavioural Analysis 2024 programme will be able to attend the entire event without charge.

Behavioural Analysis will, as always, help keep delegates in tune with the latest research into how hostile or criminal intent can be identified through the observation of behavioural indicators and the use of tactical risk analysis and non-racial profiling techniques.

Delegates will benefit from:

  • Academic presentations … to increase understanding
  • Operational case studies … to aid deployment
  • Panel discussions … to stimulate debate
  • And live Q&A sessions … so you can have your say

‘Looking forward to the next one!’ 

Dan Werber, D.W. Consultancy, Hungary

‘I will dedicate a LinkedIn post to give the event and the organisers the acknowledgment they very much deserve. It was the most wonderful and most inspiring event as a junior in the world of behaviour analysis. Keep up the great work and see you at the next BA event! Well done!’

Jesper Eriksen, Civil Aviation Authority, Denmark

‘A broad scope of ‘different’ kinds of behaviour techniques which are useful to bring back home.’

Jesper Eriksen, Civil Aviation Authority, Denmark

‘Full of inspiring ideas and examples that might be useful for training staff and establishing BD as a part of security’ 

Jiri Vlasic, Police of the Czech Republic – Inspectorate of Border Police, Czech Republic

‘Diversity, structure – fabulous!’

Barna Georgeta, Romanian College of Psychologists, Romania

‘Well organised, highly social, and many, many interesting presentations and discussions. Every day an eye-opener to take home’ 

Dick Noordhuizen, The Netherlands

‘A fantastic gathering of professionals sharing valuable knowledge within the safety and security industry’

Douglas O’Mara, Global Elite Group, USA


Krystyna Ljubymenko, BD Protection s.r.o, Czech Republic

‘An extremely comprehensive, broad-ranging discussion on a vitally important topic’

James Collier, Three Corners Risk Consulting, Germany

‘Very informative, educational and thought provoking – a really valuable 2 days!’ 

Sarah White, British Transport Police, UK

‘Excellent in every way.’

David Rubens, Institute of Strategic Risk Management, UK

‘An impressive learning experience and great

networking opportunity!’ 

Darryl Gaskin, Savannah Airport Commission, USA

‘A very professional and collegial experience; well worthwhile!’

Gloria McGirr, Left Field Consulting (& Stratcom Security) Training, New Zealand

‘The information and networking opportunities

have been incredible.’ 

Rhys Lochhead, Australian Federal Police, Australia

‘A family-like environment where networking and

knowledge come together in harmony.’

Frederic Tomas, Universite Paris 8, France

Behavioural Analysis 2024 is a must-attend event for those responsible for the security of…









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